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Those applying to the Seminary for any of the degrees must present the following:

  1. a completed application form, with the requested recommendations, along with the $50 application fee; and
  2. transcripts of all previous college and seminary work (if applicable).

Applicants for all Master's degrees must hold a B.A., other Bachelor's degree, or in the case of foreign students, an equivalent degree. If an applicant's background seems deficient in one or more areas, he may be required to take propadeutic courses to compensate for the deficiency. In extraordinary circumstances, men who seek to prepare for the ministry but who have not attained a B.A. degree may be admitted to the Seminary to study for the degree of Bachelor of Divinity (B.D.).


Every resident must have adequate medical and hospitalization coverage, a record of which must be on file in the Registrar's Office of the Seminary before matriculation.


Transfer students may be admitted to the M.Div. or M.A. programs with advanced standing. An official transcript showing the courses completed at the previous institution must be submitted with the application. Applicants seeking admission as transfer students must have maintained at least a 'C' average (normally a 2.00 GPA) and be in good standing at the school last attended. A statement of honorable dismissal from the former institution may be required. Credit for work done at other institutions will be granted after evaluation by the Seminary. No credit will be allowed for work receiving less than a grade of 'C' or its equivalent. Grade point averages at Greenville Seminary will be computed only on the basis of work done at GPTS.

Applicants who already hold a first degree in theology (e.g., M.A. or M.T.S.) may be admitted to the M.Div. program with advanced standing. However, no credit applied to the degree previously earned will be applied directly to the GPTS M.Div. degree. Only the course work completed at GPTS will appear on the student's transcript with the notation that he was granted advanced standing because of the previous degree.


The Seminary has a non-discriminatory admissions policy as to race, sex or handicap for all degree programs not related to the ordained offices of the Church. The Seminary is convinced that the Bible prohibits women from teaching or exercising authority over men in the Church. Therefore, only men will be admitted to the Seminary as candidates in programs which:

  1. prepare the student for the office of teaching elder, namely, the M.Div. or B.D.; or
  2. require ordination to the office of ruling elder (the M.M.R.E.) or deacon (M.M.D.).

On request the Seminary Board has reviewed its long-standing policy of permitting women to pursue a program of study not designed to lead to their ordination by the church. The Board reiterates that the primary purpose of the Seminary is the training of men for the teaching and ruling eldership, which is clearly limited to men. Based on a careful study of the Biblical place of women in the New Testament, particularly passages dealing with their receiving instruction both from our Lord and the apostles, no change in the policy has been found to be required. Thus, the Master of Arts (M.A.) is open to both men and women.

However, to guard against possible abuses of this policy by those who may transfer credits elsewhere, all women students registering for courses for credit shall be required to subscribe to the following statement, which shall become part of the transcript issued by the Seminary: "Recognizing the clear Biblical teaching that a woman is not 'to teach or have authority' in the church, I do promise and affirm that I will not apply credit for course work taken at Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary in any program that would be used toward ordination, or for ordination, to any office in any church to which I belong. I understand and approve of the fact that this statement will be part of my transcript for any work taken in this Seminary." (SIGNATURE)

It will further be expected that all women students, while not prohibited from engaging in classroom discussion, shall do so in recognition that their function is not to teach other class members, but to pursue knowledge and wisdom for the better carrying out of their Biblical calling. Private discussion with faculty members or others is, of course, always acceptable.


The Certificate of Eligibility (I-20) needed for obtaining a student visa for entry into the United States requires certification that the admitted student is proficient in English and has sufficient financial resources to provide for tuition and living expenses. This certification must be on the form I-20 at the time the student appears at the Embassy for a visa. To be eligible for entry into the United States for seminary study, the completed "Statement of Financial Resources" form with attached documentation (the form is sent upon inquiry from the Registrar) must be sent to the Admissions Office. This should be done as soon as possible after the applicant has been notified that his application for admission has been approved. The Admissions Office will make financial certification on the I-20 based on funds on deposit in the student's account and on pledges of support by individuals, churches, foundations, etc.

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