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Welcome to Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary, a biblically grounded institution committed to the doctrines of historic Presbyterianism and the Reformed Faith! If you are considering an advanced education to prepare for the Gospel ministry and service in the church or mission field, or if you have an interest in supporting an educational institution that refuses to compromise with the theological trends of the day, we hope you will explore the information offered on this web site. Here you will find full information about our distinctives and our program, as well as numerous Christian resources to enhance your spiritual life.


We live in challenging times. Our country and the world urgently need passionate, articulate preachers of the gospel. GPTS seeks to meet that need. Founded in 1988 on the model of old Princeton, our ministry is to train pastors firmly rooted in the historic Reformed Faith who will faithfully shepherd their flocks. GPTS Trustees and faculty annually affirm our commitment to adhere fully to the Westminster Standards and we continue to teach the Biblical faith as it is set forth in the Westminster Confession of Faith and the Larger and Shorter Catechisms. For more details on the distinctives of GPTS, please refer to the Academics section of our website. The Resources section of our website contains articles written by our faculty that will give you a fuller sense of our principles.

Many ministries rely on the benevolent giving of supporters to carry out their mission. We are no different. We cannot succeed in our mission without the support of the Body of Christ: in holding the Trustees and Faculty accountable, in under girding this ministry in prayer, and in providing financial resources. Donations to Greenville Seminary help to underwrite 70% of our operating costs. In a day of rising educational costs, GPTS remains committed to affordable, accessible theological education. Our students are burdened to preach the Gospel; we do not want them to graduate with the burden of financial debt. Generous giving from individuals and congregations keeps our tuition substantially lower than that of other seminaries. We have been given a great trust; the building of the kingdom of God is a shared task among all of His people. We appreciate the confidence of like-hearted believers and seek to be wise stewards of all funds that are entrusted to us.

Please pray for Greenville Seminary trustees, faculty, current students and alumni. Prayer is a vital part of the ministry that is conducted here. We will not survive without the blessing of God. We currently have graduates serving in twelve foreign countries and at least six reformed denominations in the United States. Please pray that all those associated with the Greenville Seminary will be strengthened in their commitment faithfully to preach the Word of Truth.

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