The 2014 Summer Institute

How to incorporate the motivation of the inspired preaching of the apostles found in the Book of Acts into your sermons

As Reformed believers, we know the Holy Spirit alone makes the preaching of God's word effectual to save and sanctify sinners. Nevertheless, the preacher is still responsible to preach exhortative messages, in which he diligently and wisely aims at the conversion, edification, and salvation of sinners (see Westminster Larger Catechism 159). We should want to see people moved by our preaching! Yet, how can we do so in a way that does not descend into some form of manipulation but is pleasing to God? Some of the worst preaching throughout history — from Tetzel to Finney to today's health and wealth gospel and now hyper-grace antinomianism — has this in common: it all features unbiblical ways to motivate people. This course will briefly examine the various academic and religious theories of motivation and consider the motivating practices of church leaders and preachers from an assortment of theological persuasions, ending with a concentration on Reformed theology. From the knowledge gained in this examination, we will study five sermons in the Book of Acts, identifying the elements and method of motivation found therein, in order to show how preachers can incorporate them into their sermons today.

The Summer Institute is scheduled for August 4-8 at the Seminary. This course is open for public registration for a fee of $225. Enrolled GPTS students taking the course will receive two credits and must pay the regular tuition rate of $380.

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Dr. Ray E. Heiple Jr. was born in Latrobe, Pennsylvania, to Ray and Marcia Heiple. Baptized as an infant into a Lutheran Church in Saltsburg, PA, Ray was not converted to Christ until 1989 through a tragic automobile accident. In 1991 he graduated from the Pennsylvania State University with a BA in Broadcast-Cable, and worked in television for ten years. During that time he embraced Reformed theology and began taking classes at Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary (RPTS) in 1997, receiving the Bruce C. Stewart award for the highest cumulative grade point average as a middler in 2002. In 2000 he was ordained a ruling elder in the PCA. In 2003 he earned his M.Div. and was called as an assistant pastor by Providence Presbyterian Church's session, in Robinson Township near Pittsburgh. In 2006 Providence called Ray to be their associate pastor. Then in 2010 Ray was called by the congregation to be their senior pastor. Ray earned his D.Min. from RPTS in 2013 with a project on motivation in preaching. Ray continues to serve Providence Presbyterian Church, with his wife Robin, and their four children, Calvin, Daniel, Jacob, and Sarah.


Tuition for the Summer Institute is $225. You may pay by check or credit card. For the Summer Institute, you have the additional option of registering online at Please register by Friday, June 27th for both the Summer Institute and the Summer Theology Course.

Students who would like to take either course for graduate level (MDiv) credit must register by June 28th. GPTS students must register by May 17.

A printable registration form is here. Pastors who take either course are eligible for 30 continuing education units. A certificate will be awarded at the end of the course upon its completion.

After June 27th, a $25 late registration fee will be applied. Take $25 off of additional registrations, should others in your church register to attend with you.


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