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Extent of the Collection

The Seminary houses a select collection of books and other media specifically designed to support the divinity program and to reflect the Presbyterian and Reformed confessional distinctives of the Seminary. In the interest of apologetics and research, and realizing that a certain range of theological opinion is necessary to reflect accurately the history of Christian interpretation, the Library also supports the curriculum by making available a limited number of representative works from points of view outside the Seminary's own evangelical and confessional tradition. Since the Th.M. and Th.D. programs are based on an independent study model, the collection will not usually provide materials for extensive advanced research. Students in these higher degree programs will need to search out major research libraries to support their studies.


All students currently enrolled in classes, as well as faculty and staff, are entitled to full library privileges. Spouses and children of students, faculty, and staff are also allowed library privileges. Auditors are not normally granted library privileges and priority will always be given to those students that have matriculated and are pursuing a degree program. Local pastors and ruling elders ordained in either the PCA or the OPC are not normally granted privileges at this time, though arrangements may be made in special instances.

General Regulations

The regular hours of library operation are 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. The library, however, is closed during chapel and the stated time for prayer meetings. Official library hours may be extended into evenings and Saturdays when there are qualified personnel who can be scheduled as monitors. No food or drinks are allowed in the library.

The Catalog

The Library's Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC) is available for general student use. The OPAC, not the librarian, should be consulted first when trying to locate a book. To access the OPAC within the seminary click on the icon displayed on the desktop of any library computer (including the two computers in the student lounge). To access the OPAC from home you must navigate to www.gpts.edu/library. Please remember that this link/address will not work on any computer connected to the Seminary's network.


The books in the Library are arranged according to the Library of Congress system. The general categories found in the Seminary Library are as follows:

  • B-BJ=Philosophy and Ethics
  • BR=Christianity (early, medieval, reformation, and general church history)
  • BS=Bible and Exegesis (survey, introduction, and commentaries)
  • BT=Doctrinal Theology (systematics, the various loci of theology, apologetics)
  • BV=Practical Theology (worship, missions, counseling, preaching)
  • BX=Denominational History (Baptist, Presbyterian, Reformed, etc.)
  • D/E=European and American History
  • P-PJ=Linguistics and Literature

Inter-library Loan

The Smith-Singer Library does not yet offer Inter-library Loan and other arrangements will need to be made to obtain books not currently available in our collection.

Gift Policies

The GPTS Library welcomes, and actively seeks, donations of books, periodicals, and other information media. But due to certain legal restrictions, the Library may not make its own appraisals for purposes of tax deduction. If such evaluation is necessary, the responsibility for appraisal rests with the donor. The Library reserves the right to use all gifts in a manner that it believes is in accord with its own best interests, and therefore makes no formal commitments concerning the housing or final disposition of gifts. Gifts will receive the same treatment as other materials being considered or processed into the Library's holdings. Gifts with restrictive conditions attached are not usually accepted. If a gift is refused, the Library may suggest alternative locations for the materials. Donations of funds for general library use, technical equipment, and memorials are always welcome. Funds contributed in this way will be used in accordance with usual Library policies for collection development. Inquiries concerning gifts and donations may be directed to the Librarian at 864-322-2717 or awortman@gpts.edu.

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