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Here's what some of our alumni say about their experience at GPTS and some of the key benefits of studying here:

"...I benefited very much from:
1) Clear faculty statements on key issues facing the church.
2) Confessional standards.
3) The tuition waiver program. I can honestly say that I would not be where I was and our church ... would now not likely exist without it. I am and will be forever grateful in the Lord for your institution's sacrificial approach to equipping men. Thank you. I hope that I will be a good steward of the investment for the Kingdom that you all made in me.
4) Easy access to faculty. Understanding how they lived out their lives was almost as important as the instruction they provided in the classroom.
5) Maintaining a distinct Presbyterian flavour to the seminary with an irenic attitude towards other denominations. As a Reformed Baptist, I appreciated the unapologetic Presbyterianism of the seminary (despite my disagreement with the theology)."

"The importance of a unified and devout confessional Reformed theology. Homiletics was strong as well as Systematic Theology. ... It was great to study there, the faculty is godly and warm-hearted, the staff is excellent, and the student body was encouraging. I am more indebted to GPTS than I can express in words."

"GPTS does an excellent job of preparing men for pastoral ministry. If I had it all to do over again, I would study theology at GPTS. ... GPTS was particularly beneficial in preparing me to preach and shepherd the flock."

"The personal relationships which I had and still maintain with the professors are undoubtedly the most significant benefit I gained from my time at GPTS. This is, of course, not to diminish the academic training I received. Each man was well-trained in his field of study, and each provided training which was saturated with warmth and affection, not only for the students, but, most importantly, for the Lord."

"Preaching has repeatedly been noted as a strength, and I continue to appreciate the emphasis and way we were taught."

"I loved my experience at Greenville. I pray the Lord continue to bless His church through this great seminary. I especially loved the homiletics instruction and instruction in Reformed worship."

"I get more thankful for my time at GPTS as the years go on."

"Very glad for my seminary education. ... The vision, theology, and practical commitment to the pastoral and preaching ministry were outstanding, [as were} apologetics, hermeneutics, homiletics, Reformed theology, regulative principle of worship, Presbyterian government, and church-led missions."

"Preaching, personal piety, theological and historical overview."

"Centrality of the church and importance of the pastor."

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