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At Greenville Seminary, it has always been our belief that students called by God to minister in His vineyard should not have to enter that calling with a mountain of debt created in the pursuit of their preparatory studies. Therefore, our tuition is one-half to a third less than other historically Presbyterian seminaries. Students who come from churches or presbyteries that support GPTS at specified levels may have their tuition waived, a valuable form of work/study assistance to some. Military personnel and veterans also are eligible for certain forms of assistance in some cases. For others, however, the availability of financial aid is often a primary point of inquiry before application for admission. For more information about our church-supported tuition waiver program, see the Tuition section of our Administrative & Financial Policies page.

Greenville Seminary does not have an endowment. From time to time, gracious and generous donors have provided us with funds which they designate to be used to support students, for example as a memorial for a loved one. In some cases, the seminary itself has underwritten the expenses of certain needy students who come to our attention through faculty or administration relationships, but such arrangements are unique and have not been seen as generally available financial aid.

GPTS now has two formal scholarship funds, administered professionally by the PCA Foundation, from which financial aid may be granted as funds are available. These scholarship accounts include:

  • The President's Scholarship Fund. This is a general-purpose resource from which scholarships may be granted as determined by our scholarship committee.

  • The International Students Scholarship Fund. This fund is intended to provide financial aid to foreign students, especially those from third-world countries where educational resources are limited.

The availability and size of any scholarships awarded from these funds depends entirely on how many assets each fund contains. You are urged to make your donations to one or more fund.

The PCA Foundation can receive gifts of cash, appreciated securities, mutual funds and real estate on behalf of GPTS. Gifts to the Foundation are tax deductible, and when you make your gift, you will receive directly from the PCA Foundation a receipt as well as any IRS forms you will need to claim your deduction. If desired, your gifts can be credited to any of the GPTS funds ANONYMOUSLY.

To Contribute Cash - Make your check payable to the PCA Foundation, Inc. and mail it to: PCA Foundation, Inc., 1700 North Brown Road, Suite 103, Lawrenceville, GA 30043-8143. Please indicate on the memo line of your check or by way of a note that the gift is for the benefit of:

  • The Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary President's Scholarship Fund (#4074) or
  • The Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary International Students Scholarship Fund (#4075) or
  • The Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary Islamic Studies Scholarship Fund (#4076).

To Contribute Stock, Mutual Funds or Other Appreciated Assets - Please call the PCA Foundation directly at (800) 700-3221 to discuss the specifics of your gift.

To Make a Gift of Real Estate - Please call PCAF President Randy Stair at(800) 700-3221 or send an e-mail to pcaf@pcanet.org to discuss your gift.

Direct questions and requests for further information to:

  • PCA Foundation, Inc.
  • 1700 North Brown Road, Suite 103
  • Lawrenceville, GA 30043
  • Toll Free: (800) 700-3221
  • Fax: (678) 825-1041
  • E-mail: pcaf@pcanet.org
  • Web site: www.pcafoundation.com

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