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The Divinity Program is the focus of our efforts.


"I came into seminary with an appreciation for God's grace, but I left with this glorious picture of how the Triune God pours out His grace upon and into His people, the church."  - Rev. James Norris (MDiv '16), Pastor of New Hope Presbyterian Church (PCA) in Abbeville, SC

Master of Divinity (MDiv)

Over 95% of our student body is enrolled in the Divinity Program. Men come to Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary to equip themselves for the gospel ministry, and they graduate with a commitment to preaching, pastoring, and service to the church.

4 Years

122 Credit Hours


Bachelor of Divinity (BDiv)

Reflecting our core value of Accessibility, we offer a Bachelor's of Divinity degree for  qualifying students. Applicants must be men 30 years of age or older, who are endorsed by a session/church to pursue a course of theological education. The program is identical to the MDiv.

4 Years

122 Credit Hours


Master of Arts in Religion (MAR)

This degree program is designed for men and women who are involved in non-ordained ministry in the church, and who desire to grow in their familiarity and understanding of the Bible, systematic theology, and church history. Students may pursue a concentration in one of the following: Biblical Languages, Church History, Apologetics, or Systematic Theology.

2 Years

44 Credit Hours


Master of Ministry for Ruling Elders & Deacons (MMRE/MMD)

This highly focused degree program includes instruction in personal piety, Bible knowledge, Presbyterian church government, and the role of ordained officers in the church. Admission to this program is restricted to men ordained as Ruling Elders and Deacons.

2 Years

35 Credit Hours


Distance/Mentor Study Program

One of our core values is Accessibility. Our commitment to accessibility is most clearly seen in our full-service distance program. Our programs are accessible to called men in a variety of situations and life circumstances. Some men are unable to uproot their families in order to move to Greenville, SC to join us in-residence, and so we offer a full-orbed distance program, in partnership with volunteer mentors around the country. In 2017, we added our MAR program to the Distance roster. For full information about the Distance/Mentor Study Program, please refer to page 24-25 in the 2016-2019 Academic Catalog, or contact admissions@gpts.edu. Here are some basic guidelines to keep in mind as you further explore our program offerings:


1 - All students seeking credit from GPTS must make regular application for admission to the Seminary. In addition, each non-resident Divinity applicant must be under-care of presbytery prior to matriculation, have the formal approval of his overseeing presbytery to study via the Distance/Mentor Study Program (acknowledgment letters from his presbytery must accompany his application for admission), and attend orientation on campus in the Fall semester of his first year (exceptions are sometimes granted in extenuating circumstances).

2 - All Distance Study Program applicants must explain their reasons for desiring to study by distance, providing such explanation in a letter accompanying their application for admissions.

3 - Distance/Mentor Study Program students follow the course syllabus of the degree programs as they are taught at the Seminary. Students use either Internet-based class participation (video-conferencing) or audio/video download of class sessions as part of their study. Students are expected to complete all the regular assignments of their courses. Mentors and professors are granted the freedom to require additional work of students whom they oversee.

4 - As of the Fall of 2019, at least one semester of study for the BDiv/MDiv (no fewer than 12 hours) must be completed in residence at GPTS. This requirement does not apply to MMRE/MMD or MAR students. The residency requirement can be met by attending week-long intensive classes on-campus; fulfillment of the residency requirement may be spread out across a student's program of study (over 4-8 years).

5 - The student must complete at least 16 credit hours per year, unless he has received faculty approval for fewer hours.

6 - Distance/Mentor Study Program Divinity students who have not completed at least 31 credit hours by the end of the second year will be dropped from the program. This requirement may be extended by faculty vote.


In general, the local pastor of a distance student will serve as his mentor for study. In lieu of a qualified local pastor or elder in a student's church, the Seminary maintains a list of approved mentors who serve students in their areas. Please contact the Registrar (registrar@gpts.edu) for more information on mentor requirements and the list of approved mentors.




 Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary broadcasts almost all of its classes via videoconference. Qualified students are able interactively to participate in classes in real time. If the remote site (the student's home, office, church, or extension campus) has installed the recommended equipment and has a broadband Internet connection, the student can expect acceptable video along with high-quality audio. Students participating by interactive conferencing receive course materials through our Learning Management System, Populi. Further details on technical requirements and set-up recommendations are available from the Seminary's IT team.

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