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Our doctrinal commitments have not shifted. Our educational commitments have not been watered down. We still look to the best models of ministerial instruction from the past. The kind of men we aim to produce will not change. By God’s grace, our graduates enter the ministry and stay – nearly 93% of them are still in pastoral ministry. The resources invested in them while in seminary continue to bear fruit in congregations throughout the world.

Just as we are transparent in our doctrinal commitments, so we aim to be entirely transparent in our handling of resources entrusted to us. Because of our commitment to low tuition and no student debt, around 90% of our budget is met by the generosity of people like you. We do not have a significant endowment, and we are not seeking one. We are entirely dependent upon the Lord to meet our needs annually.

Over the years, the Lord has provided through monthly donors; one-time gifts; transfers of stocks or other assets; and through estate donations. We would be delighted to speak with you or to email about any of these options.


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We rely almost entirely on outside donors and on supporting congregations to meet our financial needs. We aim to earn the trust of our financial partners. To this end, all of our financial statements are overseen by outside ruling and teaching elders under the guidance of our Board of Trustees.



"I have great confidence in giving to the work of GPTS, not only because of their faithfulness to Scripture, but because of their financial transparency. I know I can call these men up and they are always prepared to answer my questions. I am thankful for their work and look forward to supporting it, by God’s grace, for years to come."— Joe Fowler, board member

"It’s been a decade since graduation, and I still look back astonished at how the Lord used such a short season of seminary to be so effective in my ministry. It was Greenville Seminary that trained me to be a minister of the Gospel — to preach, pastor, and pray."— Rob Dykes, alumnus


You can support us financially in a number of ways, including: Giving Online; Mailing a Check; Stock Gifts; Gifts of Property; Gifts from an Estate or an IRA; Charitable Remainder Trusts; and Endowments. 

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